1. Melohedron. 2015. Sound installation. Programed in Pure Data (PD).
  2. D’água. 2015. For acoustic guitar/violin, viola, cello, flute/piccolo, clarinet/bass clarinet and French horn/trumpet.
  3. Book of Contrapuntal Pieces. 2014. For violin, contrabass and marimba.
  4. Homenagem à Marisa Rezende. 2014. For piano solo.
  5. Piano Jongo Riot. 2014. For piano solo.
  6. Alcantilado. 2012. For flute and piano.
  7. Entre-termos. 2011. For soprano, flute, clarinet, French horn, trombone, vibraphone, piano, violin and contrabass. Text from Qorpo Santo.
  8. Vanilla. 2011. For flute, french horn, contrabass and piano.
  9. Undecáfora. 2010. For flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin and cello.
  10. Tapajônia. 2009. For small orchestra.
  11. Solstício. 2008. For small orchestra.
  12. Criatura nº 2. 2007. For string orchestra.
  13. Criatura nº 1. 2007. For clarinet em Eb, 2 clarinets in Bb, clarone and French horn.
  14. Semente. 2006. For mezzo-soprano, clarinet, trombone and piano.
  15. Algumas Notas. 2005. For clarinet, trombone, contrabass and piano.
  16. Escalenoedro. 2005. For flute, vibraphone and marimba.
  17. Belo-belo. 2003. For mezzo-soprano and Wind quintet, text from Manuel Bandeira.
  18. Sonata for mixed quintet. 2003. For oboe, alto saxophone, vibraphone, contrabass and drums.
  19. Trio. 2003. For violin, trombone and piano.
  20. Insânia. 2002. For guitar, cello, marimba and piano.
  21. Acordo de noite. 2001. For mezzo-soprano and piano. Text from Fernando Pessoa.
  22. Cenas cariocas. 2001. For flute and piano.
  23. Prelúdio. 2001. For piano solo.

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