North Carolina Symphony – Invés


Last Tuesday, March 22, the North Carolina Symphony made brilliantly my music happen. They played my most recent piece, called Invés (a Portuguese word that means “Instead”), in a very attentive reading. The conductor, Mr. Grant Llewellyn, as also the whole orchestra were very generous and mature. The result, I hope, you will see in few weeks.

The piece is constructed by transformative processes, but keeping always something sustained throughout the piece. Some ideas are translated and transduce through the several different musical parameters. A melody is reinterpreted as texture, harmony and noise, for example. The piece starts with an inspiration in the traditional chaconne form, pass through a big sound mass generated by micropolyphonic textures and ends in a kind of carnival parade, when the orchestra plays a Maracatú, a traditional music from Brazil Northeast.

Very soon I will have the recording of this wonderful experience.

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