tIme wrp-ng – Premiere

My newest piece, for percussion ensemble, will be premiered on Sunday, December 4, at 3 pm, in the Baldwin Auditorium. The Detroit-based percussion group Rela Percussion will perform it in a concert hosted by the Duke New Music Ensemble. You are all invited! tIme wrp-ng deals with the manipulation of our perceived time. Different techniques are […]

North Carolina Symphony – Invés

Last Tuesday, March 22, the North Carolina Symphony made brilliantly my music happen. They played my most recent piece, called Invés (a Portuguese word that means “Instead”), in a very attentive reading. The conductor, Mr. Grant Llewellyn, as also the whole orchestra were very generous and mature. The result, I hope, you will see in […]

2016 Duke Global Brazil Conference

Participation in the 2016 Duke Global Brazil Conference with the project Sound and Politics. Here, I am analyzing the speech of one of the most interesting congressman Brazil have ever had, the Deputy Mário Juruna. He was the only indigenous Federal Deputy in Brazil. His speech sounds so musical to me that I must analyze and […]