tIme wrp-ng

For percussion quartet. This piece is about the manipulation of our perceived time. Different techniques are applied to invite the listener to experiment a variety of temporal experiences. The title is a joke with the concept “time warping,” which is an algorithm to analyze events over time, “time wrapping,” which is just an abstract way […]

Divagações Kantianas Acerca do Tempo e do Espaço

For flute, bass clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, and cello. Piece based on the Immanuel Kant’s book “Critique of Pure Reason.” Live recording of the premiered at Panorama da Música Brasileira Atual, on November 23, 2016. Performed by Cron Ensemble: Felipe Marateo (flute), Marcos dos Passos (bass clarinet), Rafaela Calvet (percussion), Tatiana Dumas (piano), Taís Soares […]